Meet Paula Stanton

Paula Stanton is a South Florida photographer whose goal is to capture your image(s) with creativity, professionalism and first rate customer service.  Paula is a South Florida native and thoroughly enjoys working with her clients to achieve perfect results.

An award-winning photographer in the State of Florida in 2016 by the FHCA, she is proud and humbled by the honor.  She prides herself on masterful positioning, affording her the opportunity to get unique and riveting results.  Her enthusiasm reaches many genres of photography including portraiture, commercial, weddings, sports, and wildlife.  Each photograph tells a story with compelling emotion and sincerity.  Paula’s creativity is without limits.  From uncommon poses and uncanny timing, she always delivers top quality pictures.  She lets her photos do the talking, and her clients love to listen. 

Her passion for her art is unwavering, and her desire to deliver your images to you with nothing less than perfection is her goal.  Professional and creative, she has found a way to incorporate both into her career.  Helping the world smile, one photo at a time.


“Paula was so amazing! The pictures she took were incredible. She is very creative and knows how to make every picture special and tell a story  "


Our Nursing home hired Paula to take pictures of our senior and pediatric residents with Santa.  The results were awesome. Whether young or old, Paula captured the joy, essence and spirit of youth within each photograph. For every family these photos will become treasured memories and part of the life story of our residents.  Thank you Paula.

Janice Z.

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